A short 3D animation about two different generations of women


Miriam - Official Trailer 2021

“Mercy Street” is the story of a 10 year old little boy, Lorenz, who discovers a secret passage to a secret world beneath our world, which will take him into a great adventure meant to save the music of the world.

Production company: Opal Production

Release date: May 10th, 2021

Language: Romanian/Hungarian

Movie Full Length: 5 min

A humorous, short 3D animation about two different generations of women

Radu Nicolae

Miriam, a 12 yr old tomboy, is sitting in the kitchen, with her mom, in the morning. Their conversation reflects the difference between generations, ages, ways of thinking. While the mother, only wishing the best for Miriam, tries to told her into the ideal image of her generation of decades ago, wearing a skirt, having nice legs, speaking and behaving properly with the purpose of finding a husband (seemingly, the ideal for every girl), the 12 yr old Miriam, now in 2021, is at ease knowing what SHE wants to do with her life, and, for the moment, that is to play soccer.

The conversation is entirely humorous. The little girl is using all the normal child tricks. With a serene face, she assures her mother that she does not play soccer, and when her friends call her out to play, she seems amazed that they know her name, claiming it is just another child with the same name.

The film uses language humour and there are many humorous moments. Of course, the mother does not believe for one second that Miriam is telling her the truth, however, the story is lovingly told, suggesting that, beyond their different ways of thinking, a mother will always love her daughter, and that will never change.

The final moment of the film is, again, a humorous one. Miriam, caught with her soccer ball underarm, serenely states that she just desired to exercise for ballet, as her mom had suggested.

deschidere miriam

Production Info

Film director & Screenplay: Radu Nicolae

Producer: Anca Nicolae
Executive Producer: Dorin Stelescu
Soundtrack: Ionut Grigore
Design character – Alex Tamba
Scenery- Claudiu Iulian Doanta
Modelling – Cosmin Andrei
Layout- Diana Andrei
Animation – Stefan Buzea /Alex Buzea
Animation Director – Alin Sfetcu

Mother – Anca Bartos
Miriam – Olga Bela

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